Jerusalem in tears

Freedom to live, love and worship as you wish – what is more basic than that?

Nadia Issam Harhash

As I am sitting gathering myself, watching the news and checking out on people that I know including my son. Forcing myself to eat in an attempt to be eligible for blood donation, while am suffering from side effects from anti depressant pills that were prescribed to me after a recent panic attack that forced me to withdraw. I feel that the only thing left is to write amid this bloody, chaotic situation.

Since the closure of al Aqsa last week, things were only taking a deteriorating encounter. Israeli occupation forces insist on going on with their plan of seizing control on al Aqsa area, in an attempt that is not hidden to split the space between Muslims and Jews. A scenario we witnessed after the massacre of all Ibrahimi mosque two decades ago.

The Israeli plans in seizing control are apparent, and amid a state of frustration from the…

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