Senate Parliamentarian Challenges Key Provisions of Health Bill – The New York Times

One provision questioned by the parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, and cherished by conservatives would cut off federal funds for Planned Parenthood for one year. Another would prohibit use of federal subsidies to buy insurance that includes coverage for abortions.A third provision would penalize people who go without health insurance by requiring them to wait six months before their coverage could begin. Insurers would generally be required to impose the waiting period on people who lacked coverage for more than about two months in the prior year.If formally challenged, the provisions could survive only with 60 votes, a near-impossibility in the partisan, narrowly divided Senate. The abortion-related provisions are important to many conservatives, not just in the Senate but also in the House.

The Japanese First Lady’s No-English Trick with Donald Trump is Possibly the Greatest Lifehack – The Ladies Finger – ROTFLMAO!

Trump was quoted saying, “So, I was seated next to the wife of Prime Minister Abe [Shinzo Abe of Japan], who I think is a terrific guy, and she’s a terrific woman, but doesn’t speak English — like not ‘hello’.”Hello, the joke’s on you, Trump. Madame Akie Abe not only speaks English but has also given complete speeches in English. Here’s a video of her giving the Keynote address at a R3ADY Asia-Pacific summit:

Source: The Japanese First Lady’s No-English Trick with Donald Trump is Possibly the Greatest LifehackThe Ladies Finger

High levels of resistant E coli found in Indian poultry | CIDRAP

In the study, published yesterday in Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers collected samples from 530 birds on 18 large commercial chicken farms in Punjab, India. Susceptibility testing of 1,556 Escherichia coli isolates to 11 different antibiotics used in human health showed resistance to 10 of them, with particularly high levels of resistance to nalidixic acid (86%), tetracycline (47%), ampicillin (43%), co-trimoxazole (42%), and ciprofloxacin (39%).More than half of the E coli isolates tested were multidrug resistant (MDR), and nearly 60% were found to harbor extended-spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL), an enzyme that confers resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics.

Source: High levels of resistant E coli found in Indian poultry | CIDRAP

GOP Lawmaker Got Direction From Moscow, Took It Back to D.C.

When the Royce hearing did roll around, on June 14, one of the members of Congress on the committee was appalled by the litany of Kremlin lines being repeated by Rohrabacher and his friend Ambassador Matlock.“I thought I’d just heard a presentation from RT,” Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) told The Daily Beast, referring to the Kremlin-funded English-language TV network.Connolly said the rest of the committee had come to believe that evidence from a Russian source should be treated with considerable skepticism, as the country’s operatives are experts at disinformation and falsification of evidence.He was alarmed to discover that Behrends had been taking briefings direct from Russia’s anti-Magnitsky operation.“If that is corroborated, it is deeply disturbing,” Connolly said. “We are United States congressmen. Our job is to protect the interests of our country and our allies. It is not to collude with, excuse, dismiss, or, even worse, collaborate with a foreign adversary and its minions.”

Source: GOP Lawmaker Got Direction From Moscow, Took It Back to D.C.

Jerusalem in tears

Freedom to live, love and worship as you wish – what is more basic than that?

Nadia Issam Harhash

As I am sitting gathering myself, watching the news and checking out on people that I know including my son. Forcing myself to eat in an attempt to be eligible for blood donation, while am suffering from side effects from anti depressant pills that were prescribed to me after a recent panic attack that forced me to withdraw. I feel that the only thing left is to write amid this bloody, chaotic situation.

Since the closure of al Aqsa last week, things were only taking a deteriorating encounter. Israeli occupation forces insist on going on with their plan of seizing control on al Aqsa area, in an attempt that is not hidden to split the space between Muslims and Jews. A scenario we witnessed after the massacre of all Ibrahimi mosque two decades ago.

The Israeli plans in seizing control are apparent, and amid a state of frustration from the…

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Jerusalem resisting oppression 

Nadia Issam Harhash

We decided to join the evening prayer next to the lions gate . All gates are closed except to people who prove that they live inside the old city . The lion gate was impossible to reach . The flower gate was heavily checked with soldiers . We tried our luck with Damascus gate and an Ethiopian soldier thought we were eligible to enter without check . He thought we were not Muslims enough probably !!! Thousands of people were gathering for prayer opposite to lions gate in the ally towards via Delarosa. Towards the end people started chanting. Suddenly I felt my daughter jumping towards me with tears as she thought shooting was unavoidable as agroup of soldiers ganged around a youngster and started hitting him fiercely . It was all too close and scary .. We managed our way out and continued to have tea on the steps…

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للاقصى سنسري ..وفي القدس سنبقى

Nadia Issam Harhash


للأقصى سنسري…وفي القدس سنبقى

في لحظه ما ، وكأن الكون يتوقف لتصبح انت محوره . حركتك فيه هي ما تجعله كونا محسوسا موجودا. في ظل التشديد على الوصول إلى الأقصى ، وكأنه فعلا أصبح قصيا عن الوصول ، ومنع المعظم من الدخول عبر ابواب القدس القديمة الا من سكن بداخلها ، ليصبح وصول أي منا وكأنه الوصول إلى نهاية العالم . وكأن بالوصول إلى الأقصى سيتحرك الكون من جديد. . في السابق لم أكن لآخذ تعلق الناس بالمكان على محمل الجد ، في النهايه المكان هو المكان . الانسان يبقى هو الاهم اذا ما اردنا لاي مكان البقاء . على الرغم من اعترافي الدائم بذلك الشعور بالسحر الذي قد يجرك هذا المكان إليه . في اللحظه التي تضع رجلك فيها على أعتاب باب العامود ، باب الساهرة أو باب الأسباط وكأن بوابة ما ورائيه تفتح بوابة خلف البوابة الحقيقيه التي لم تعد إلا مثالا لمدخل مثل تاريخا عريقا عتيقا…

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