Free killing of Palestinians..Israel’s plan to seize control on Al Aqsa

There is no more shame in Israel – it has been exiled!

نادية حرحش

The morning started with horrific news about three (Palestinian) young men getting killed at al Aqsa inside a shooting exchange with Israeli policesoldiers.
For the first instant, the news seemed unreal. How can any Palestinian or anyone enter Al Aqsa with a weapon? The next piece of news was that the deceased were three young men from Um al Fahem, which means Israeli citizens, who can have easy access to guns. This made it sound as if it is justifiable that the shooting occurred. Armed people shoot!
But then, videos started to be shared, and right next to the Dome of the Rock, the attack took place, or maybe part of it, a man was on the ground, and he tried to get away and then enormous shooting put him down. He was shot down with hundreds of bullets. And this was inside the court of the Dome of the…

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