Hobby Lobby Agrees to Forfeit 5,500 Artifacts Smuggled Out of Iraq – The New York Times – classic hypocrites and holier than thou thieves! 

Over the years, Hobby Lobby has undertaken numerous efforts to promote evangelical Christianity, producing films with biblical themes, operating a chain of Christian bookstores and donating to Christian charities. In 2014, the company was the defendant in a landmark Supreme Court case that found forcing family-owned corporations to pay for insurance coverage for contraception under the Affordable Care Act violated a federal law protecting religious freedom.Mr. Green said that Hobby Lobby’s collection of historical Bibles and artifacts like the tablets was “consistent with the company’s mission and passion for the Bible.” He added that the company had planned to display the items it bought in various museums and public institutions.

Wednesday Open Thread | More on Trumpcare

Here’s the latest scheme on the Legislative Evil known as Trumpcare:Topher Spiro‏Verified account @TopherSpiro1: ALERT: McConnell just sent a revised bill to CBO. They’re close to a deal. This is CODE RED.2: Vote expected in mid-July. Republican staff reportedly told lobbyists “The store is open”—meaning they think they can buy off moderates.3: If these moderates don’t feel the heat over recess, guess what? They’ll cave in no time. Remember how weak Cassidy was?4: This revised bill is probably McConnell’s last shot. He has no time for CBO to score one after this. EVERYTHING RIDES ON THIS.

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