Ramadan in Virtue: Fast and Furious

So sorry you had to fall out with your father or anyone else to stand for your beliefs. My hope is that upon “reflection,” he and others will love you for just being you and not who they might wish you be for them.


As every year, Ramadan comes with all the festivities that surrounds us in and out. It comes with all them memories of childhood and family unions. Lights, and long nights and above all, you see Jerusalem dressing in a festive mode.
As every year as well, and maybe as with every such occasion, it is important to take a pause and think, Contemplate, and reflect.
Ramadan is supposed to be the month of contemplation.
However, as every year, and as the situation in every similar occasion, we lose track of the meaning behind things and follow rigid rituals that end up in showing the worse in us.
I am someone who stopped fasting since years, partly in my way of protesting rules, and partly because I just cannot drink water. However, mostly because my relationship with the creator has taken a different shape, and above all, I learned that we…

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