Man Faces Deportation After Failing to Pay Fare on Minneapolis Light Rail – The New York Times _ Thug alert!

The encounter, which took place in Minneapolis on May 14, was captured on a video that was posted to Facebook on May 19. In it, an officer approaches the man, identified in a police report as Ariel Vences-Lopez, 23, and requests his name and state identification.“Are you here illegally?” the officer asks.A bystander who appears to be the person filming the interaction asks whether he or other transit police officers are authorized to act as immigration authorities.The officer shrugs, and replies, “No, not necessarily.”According to the Metro Transit Police Department’s incident report, an officer identified as Andy Lamers also used a Taser on Mr. Vences-Lopez, an action not captured in the 35-second video, after he refused orders to sit.The report identified Mr. Lamers as the “primary” officer involved in the episode. In a telephone interview on Saturday, a department spokesman would not say whether Mr. Lamers was the officer who questioned Mr. Vences-Lopez on the video. A statement on Saturday from the transit police chief, John Harrington, also did not identify the officer.