Ebola outbreak in Congo forces residents to flee

“Ebola could spread throughout the country if the government doesn’t take precautions by screening anyone who enters the city,” said Devina Katobu, a doctor in Kinshasa. “Already people are living in fear, and are still moving from one place to another to seek safe haven. I think they might be spreading the virus. The international community should move quickly to save this country from the epidemic.”The WHO has said that it needs $10 million to fight the virus in Congo. Officials believe they can stop the virus based on past experience. “We believe that the DRC’s government has strong experience, and a proven track record of handling Ebola outbreaks,” Salama said.Salama said the WHO was planning to use an Ebola vaccine if the Congolese government agrees. An Ebola vaccine was tried in West Africa but there were not enough cases to show how well it worked. The WHO was sending the team to the remote area in the north of the country and would bring the vaccine if possible.“There are 300,000 doses of Ebola vaccine available if needed to stop this outbreak becoming a pandemic,” Seth Berkley, chief executive of Gavi, an international group that seeks to provide vaccines to developing countries, said in an email. “It is a sad fact that the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo are all too familiar with this horrific disease.”

Source: Ebola outbreak in Congo forces residents to flee