In Computer Attacks, Clues Point to Frequent Culprit: North Korea – The New York Times New Slant to get news off #TraitorTrump?

The indicators are far from conclusive, the researchers warned, and it could be weeks, if not months, before investigators are confident enough in their findings to officially point the finger at Pyongyang’s increasingly bold corps of digital hackers. The attackers based their weapon on vulnerabilities that were stolen from the National Security Agency and published last month.Security experts at Symantec, which in the past has accurately identified attacks mounted by the United States, Israel and North Korea, found early versions of the ransomware, called WannaCry, that used tools that were also deployed against Sony Pictures Entertainment, a Bangladesh Central Bank last year and Polish banks in February. American officials said Monday that they had seen the same similarities.All of those attacks were ultimately linked to North Korea; President Barack Obama formally charged the North in late 2014 with destroying computers at Sony in retaliation for a comedy, “The Interview,” that envisioned a C.I.A. plot to kill Kim Jong-un, the country’s president.

Inoreader – Privilege or Right? A segregating question

Certainly, there are varying degrees of privilege but they all have one thing in common – privilege acts as a prejudicial filter to how a person perceives the world.

  • A person with privilege may not understand, or forgotten, what it’s like living paycheck to paycheck.
  • A person with privilege may not understand why the Civil Rights Act is still needed.
  • A person with privilege may not understand why, for some, Obamacare was a godsend.
  • A person with privilege may not understand why in some communities law enforcement is feared rather than seen as an agency of help.
  • A person with privilege may not understand why or how life is so bad somewhere that people are willing to risk their lives and personal safety to reach the US side of the border.
  • A person with privilege may not understand how some parents choose to pay rent over buying food for their children.
  • A person with privilege may not understand someone working 18-hour days, at two jobs, still doesn’t have healthcare but will have a smartphone.
  • A person with privilege may not understand why can’t everyone just get along.

Source: Inoreader – Privilege or Right? A segregating question

Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia, in Break With Ally, Officials Say – The New York Times – “Who needs e-mail? #TraitorTrump just blabs sensitive info to impress his bosses!”

The intelligence disclosed by Mr. Trump in a meeting with Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, and Sergey I. Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, was about an Islamic State plot, according to the officials. A foreign ally that closely guards its own secrets provided the information, which was considered so sensitive that American officials did not share it widely within the United States government or pass it on to other allies.Mr. Trump’s disclosure does not appear to have been illegal — the president has the power to declassify almost anything. But sharing the information without the express permission of the ally who provided it represented a major breach of espionage etiquette, and could jeopardize a crucial intelligence-sharing relationship.

Egyptian Aak 2017- Week 19 ( May 8- 14)


Top Headlines

  • IMF reaches staff level agreement for second loan installment to Egypt
  • Thomas Cook cancels hundreds of flights to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt on Foreign Office guidance
  • Egypt’s Sisi receives an invite to upcoming Riyadah Trump summit
  • Egyptian armed forces foils attempt to smuggle arms through Libyan border
  • Egyptian Muslim Cleric who called Christians ‘unbelievers’ to face trial for contempt of religion
  • Egypt ‘uncovers 3700 year-old burial chamber of a Pharoah’s daughter
  • Mubarak-era interior minister Habib al-Adly escapes arrest  

Main Headlines



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The dismal state of some of Egypt’s Islamic scholars | Nervana

In contrast, other Muslim scholars have moved away from such medieval nostalgia, and view Islam from a progressive stance that matches current realities. For example, Dr. Abdalla El Naggar, a member of the Islamic Research Centre, said that religion aims to unite people and it is not permissible for anyone to invalidate the faith of another because, in the end, God is the only Judge of all of us.The stark difference between Abdel Galil and Naggar defines the struggle for the soul of Islam in today’s challenging times. It is time for our scholars to abandon their obsession with blasphemy. Many challenges face Muslims today; the faith of others is not one of them. The era of medieval dominance of one faith over others has gone. We must not allow religion to be used as a time machine enacting harmful regressive ideas that can only ruin our current fragile societies.

Source: The dismal state of some of Egypt’s Islamic scholars | Nervana