24 Year Old Sara Sleiman Was Killed In Zahle By Kassem Al Masri, And Her Wish To Donate Her Organs To Save Others Will Be Fulfilled

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Over the weekend, a tragedy took place in Zahle that took the life of 24 year old Sara Sleiman whose only fault, like many before her, was being at the wrong place at the wrong time in a country that allows pests and disgusting abominations like her killer prosper unchecked.

Outside the local pub “Blue Bar,” a car accident took place that prompted Kassem El Masri to deal with the situation the only way his primordial brain knew how: fire a few rounds from his gun, one of which hit Sara and took her life soon after.

This is Sara’s killer. He’s the kind of brainless Lebanese men whose entire existence can be summarized with how they can express their manliness better, which is why you see him pose with guns and bazookas, because he can.

Kassem El Masri is also known as Tah El Masri (in Arabic: طه المصري). He’s a known…

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Egyptian Aak 2017- Week 17 (April 24-30)


Pope ad Al-Azhar BBC

Pope Francis with Al-Azhar Grand Imam – via BBC

Top Headlines

  • Pope Francis visits Egypt to promote “unity and fraternity”
  • Egypt’s Coptic pope signs agreement with Pope Francis on baptism recognition
  • A Swiss court ordered Egyptian naturalgas companies to pay Israel $2 billion in fines for breach of previous contract
  • IMF delegation to review Egypt’s austerity program
  • Province of Sinai claims responsibility for attack targeting Tarabin tribesmen
  • Cairo slams US senate hearing suggesting a ‘review’ of aid to Egypt

 Main Headlines


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Egypt’s Islamists and Pope Francis | Nervana Truth is lost in the world

In an ideology that mixes religion with politics, it is almost impossible to view outsiders, such as Pope Francis, as one with good intentions. The ideology that thrives on invoking insecurity, introversion, and fear, would never see calls for peace and love as genuine or sincere. In their denigration of the Pope, Islamists have only exposed the darkness of their thoughts, and obsolescence of their ideology.

Source: Egypt’s Islamists and Pope Francis | Nervana