Wow, I am SO angry about the passage of Zombie Trumpcare

Someone you know – a child, a son, a daughter, a cousin, a grandchild, a grandmother, a sister, an uncle or aunt… will die if the the #ProDeathParty, the GOP gets this to #LoserTrump to sign into law!

Fit and Feminist

I am so angry right now.

I have been wanting to get back in the groove of blogging regularly because I miss it, and I’d cleared off this evening with the explicit goal of writing a post. I was all set to write a post about my first-ever DNF, which happened this weekend, when I heard the House Republicans had forced through the legislative monstrosity some like to refer to as Zombie Trumpcare.

And since then, I haven’t been able to think about much else.

There’s so much to be angry about.  I don’t even know where to begin!  Can we talk about how now, what’s defined as a pre-existing condition means that basically every woman alive is a walking pre-existing condition?  If you’ve ever been raped, abused by a partner, suffered post-partum depression, had an eating disorder – surprise! You have a pre-existing condition.

I can’t tell you…

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