‘Totally insensitive’: Israel fires back at Germany over cancelled meeting – The Local Always accuse others of what you are doing to score points with? Who believes this cr@p?

“I think it was completely insensitive to have such a meeting at this point in time,” the Israeli PM said, explaining that the meeting took place shortly after Holocaust memorial day.”These are the days we mourn the murdered members of our people in the Holocaust and our fallen soldiers. The Israeli army is the one force that keeps our people safe today,” he said.Netanyahu claimed that he attempted to call Gabriel to explain his point of view after cancelling the meeting, but that the German Foreign Minister rebuffed him.

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A Delhi Private School Thinks Admitting a Rape Victim Will Ruin Its Reputation. Here’s What it Can Kindly Do With its Reputation – The Ladies Finger

Of course, it’s 2017, so we see a lot more demands for rapists to be punished harshly and for CCTV cameras to be installed everywhere, but what use is any of that if people still carry the assumption that rape is something that the victim and those associated with her should be ashamed of, or that tarnishes their “reputation” by association? That school can stick it’s reputation where the sun doesn’t shine, and since we’re being facetious, let’s just say that it’s very likely that this child and every child is better off in any school but this one.

Source: A Delhi Private School Thinks Admitting a Rape Victim Will Ruin Its Reputation. Here’s What it Can Kindly Do With its ReputationThe Ladies Finger

خمس دقائق من اجل المعتقلين

Nadia's Jerusalem

هناك جو عام يبثه الاضراب به بعض الاختلاف. يذكرني نوعا ما بزمن الانتفاضة الاولى.

ولكن نحن لسنا في ذلك الزمن . والتغيرات التي حدثت منذ الانتفاضة الأولى غيرتنا وتغيرت فيها الظروف والشخوص.

الملفت فيما يجري ان الحراك الوطني لم يتغير الا في اسماء الشخوص الذين يقومون عليه . في زمن الانتفاضة الأولى عندما عشنا في إضرابات دامت لسنوات , كانت روحنا مختلفة وقضيتنا عامة . وفوق كل شيء ذاك الزمن تطلب هكذا حراك.

أتابع ما يجري من حراك للتضامن مع اضراب الاسرى واشعر بالحزن والعجز. حزن وعجز اتكافأ بهما مع الاسرى الفعليين. عجز لا يحتاج في حالتنا الى تكبيل او قضبان. فالتكبيل والقيود والقضبان داخلية تسكننا.

لا افهم لماذا لا تتغير التقنيات والاليات المستخدمة مع اننا نتعامل مع جيل مختلف وجديد. اقرأ في ما ترسله اللجنة العليا للتضامن مع الاسرى ولا يسعني الا ان احزن اكثر. هذه الخطابات السياسية التعبوية الم ينته زمنها بعد ؟ ليوم في عالم التواصل الاجتماعي…

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River Piracy in the Yukon : Image of the Day AKA: Climate Change in Action

In the spring and summer of 2016, Daniel Shugar and colleagues witnessed an act of piracy in Canada’s Yukon Territory. The Kaskawulsh River hijacked the Slims River, stealing much of its supply of water and dramatically reshaping the region’s drainage.The ongoing retreat of the Kaskawulsh glacier in the St. Elias Mountains spurred this rarely seen process of “river piracy.” For years, meltwater from the Kaskawulsh glacier has fed two large lakes at the glacier front; those lakes feed the Slims and Kaskawulsh rivers. Previously, most of the water flowed northward via the Slims River and into a watershed that ultimately empties into the Bering Sea. A lesser amount flowed southward via the Kaskawulsh into a watershed that empties into the North Pacific Ocean.Roles reversed in spring 2016—that’s when pilots first informed Shugar, a geomorphologist at University of Washington-Tacoma, that the Slims River was running low and the Kaskawulsh River was flooded. Shugar and colleagues visited the site in August, and that’s when the magnitude of the change “really sunk in.”The river piracy is visible in this image pair, acquired with the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8. The false-color images combine observations of shortwave infrared, near-infrared, and red light (OLI bands 6, 5, 4) to better distinguish areas of water (dark blue) from the surrounding landscape. Vegetation is green, and snow and ice are light blue.

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How Macron calmed Whirlpool workers whipped up by Le Pen | World news | The Guardian

For the centrist candidate, who has never held elected office, the confrontation was a major risk. He was criticised on Monday after celebrating his first round win over Le Pen in a Paris brasserie with campaign staff, and the exchange outside the factory could have backfired badly.But several commentators said Macron’s decision would end up playing in his favour. “It could be that Le Pen’s coup failed in the end by giving Macron the political thick skin he was lacking until now,” said Christian Delporte, a historian and political image specialist at the university of Versailles.“Macron is fighting back,” said Laurent Joffrn, the editor of the left-leaning daily Libération. “By rolling up his shirt sleeves at Whirlpool, abused by furious or desperate employees who nonetheless appreciated speaking to him, he has corrected his mistake of Sunday evening.”

Source: How Macron calmed Whirlpool workers whipped up by Le Pen | World news | The Guardian

Workers at Chinese factory making clothing for Ivanka Trump’s brand earn just $1 an hour: Shanghaiist

Ivanka Trump is continuing to be criticized for failing to live up to her father’s creedo of “Buy American, Hire American” after an audit revealed the poor conditions present at a Chinese factory that manufactures clothes for her personal fashion line.The 80 workers at the Chinese factory work nearly 60 hours a week while making only $62 for their efforts, according to a Fair Labor Association report released on Monday that was based on an independent audit of the factory carried out last October, just before Ivanka’s dad won the US Presidential election.Workers at the factory are contracted to make clothes for the New York-based G-III Apparel Group which has an exclusive license to manufacture Ivanka Trump-branded dresses, blouses and other clothing items. Auditors discovered some two-dozen violations of international labor standards during a two-day tour of the factory.In order to meet manufacturing targets, workers at the factory worked anywhere from 42 to 82 hours of overtime per month, far exceeding the legal limit in China of 36 overtime hours per month. Meanwhile, workers made between 1,879 to 2,088 yuan a month, which would fall below minimum wage in some parts of China. The report does not state the name of the factory or its location.

Source: Workers at Chinese factory making clothing for Ivanka Trump’s brand earn just $1 an hour: Shanghaiist

Batagaika Crater Expands : Image of the Day

Batagaika Crater has formed as rising temperatures have thawed the permafrost in Siberia. Warmer summers and shorter winters are causing the frozen layer cake of ice and soil to collapse (or “slump”) and erode away in much of the Arctic. Dozens of permafrost craters pock Russia’s northern landscape, but none rival the size of Batagaika, a so-called “megaslump” that has been devouring the slope above it and moving backwards into the hillside.“There have been reports that these backwards-thawing features are appearing around the Arctic, but this one is in a league of its own,” said Mary Edwards, a professor at the University of Southampton who co-authored a 2017 study of the crater. “Scientifically, it’s very interesting because we can see what’s underground.”The site—the biggest permafrost crater in the world—holds clues to prehistoric life on Earth. Researchers believe the exposed ice and soil along the crater’s edges could hold up to 200,000 years of geological and biological history.Batagaika has disgorged a handful of animals since it began growing, likely in the early 1980s. Equus lenensis (a Pleistocene horse) and Bison priscus (prehistoric steppe bison) have emerged from the thawing soil, as have assorted remains of cave lions and wolves. Researchers have found evidence that the region had a warmer climate and relatively dry, windy conditions during the Pleistocene Epoch. Spruce and pine forests once grew here, according to bits of wood found in the thawing soil.Today, low shrubs and larch trees grow across this tundra landscape. From space, the gash of exposed soil appears rough-cut, brown against the green terrain. The steep hills inside the crater contain few plants, a sign of their recent formation. The natural-color image above was captured on June 7, 2016 by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on the Landsat 8 satellite. The images below, taken by OLI (right) and the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) on Landsat 7 shows Batagaika’s rapid advance since 1999.

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Deadly Game: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Risk Nuclear War – SPIEGEL ONLINE Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer – #TraitorTrump, #LoserTrump – will settle for a Trump Hotel in N. Korea?

Trump sees Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal as the greatest danger facing U.S. national security, but he isn’t just inexperienced when it comes to foreign policy — he often veers into downright clumsiness. A recent example came two weeks ago, when he announced that he had directed a U.S. aircraft carrier to head toward North Korea as a warning — even though the vessel was actually heading in the opposite direction to take part in a maneuver near Australia. Whether it was a bluff or whether Trump had misunderstood something remains unclear — even as the vessel, the USS Carl Vinson, is now steaming toward Korean waters — but it does show the degree to which things can go wrong under this commander-in-chief.Following the numerous failures and defeats he has suffered early on in his presidency, Trump badly needs successes to present to his supporters as he passes the symbolically important 100-day threshold. An aggressive stance toward North Korea at least gives him the appearance of resolve and Trump hopes to demonstrate that he is able to stand up to the Pyongyang dictator. When he launched 59 missiles at Syria earlier this month, he received praise even from commentators who don’t normally have a kind word to say about this president. Because of Trump’s apparent addiction to public acclaim, it isn’t difficult to imagine the conclusions he drew.

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