Inoreader – Russia Tries to Influence Le Pen to Repeal Sanctions

In late March, Marine Le Pen visited Russia, where she had meetings with Vladimir Putin, the Chairman of the Russian Duma Vyacheslav Volodin and Leonid Slutsky’s Committee on International Affairs.Volodin told journalists that he discussed sanctions against Russia with Le Pen.Volodin himself has been sanctioned, he was named by the EU as “responsible for overseeing the political integration of the annexed Ukrainian region of Crimea into the Russian Federation.”According to US Treasury, “Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to move into Crimea is believed to have been based on consultations with his closest advisors, including Volodin.”Discussion with Slutsky was similar, he called on Le Pen to “support Russia on European platforms” , addressing sanctions specifically: “that European and European institutions impose sanctions on us and deprive us of rights is absolutely unreasonable”.Slutsky is also sanctioned by the EU and the US. He travelled to Crimea shortly after a new government in Kiev emerged. Two days later, a pro-Russian politician was declared prime minister and a referendum on Crimea joining Russia was announced.After the results of the first round of voting in France, Slutsky said Le Pen voters “are those who want their future and of the French republic to be decided by them, and not by orders and methods from overseas”. He also added that “Le Pen’s entry into the second round shows the rise of protest moods not only in France but on the whole in the countries of Western Europe”The Duma Chairman Volodin also gave Le Pen a gift, a “political biography’ of Marine Le Pen titled “The Return of Joan D’Arc by Kirill Benedictov.

Source: Inoreader – Russia Tries to Influence Le Pen to Repeal Sanctions