WHO: Viral hepatitis deaths increasing | CIDRAP

According to the report, 325 million people, or roughly 4% of the world’s population, lives with viral hepatitis, and the disease causes 1.34 million deaths per year. That number is comparable to HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. But unlike those diseases, deaths from viral hepatitis are increasing, not declining: Since 2000, deaths from viral hepatitis increased by 22%.

Source: WHO: Viral hepatitis deaths increasing | CIDRAP

What Happened To Patriotism?

Cousin Teddy had it right and it is still the way to go!

In Saner Thought

An interesting question these days.  It does not mean what it did when your daddy was spouting the term.  Now it means people that concur with whatever warped thinking the writer has on his/her mind.  All others are enemies of the state, although few word it that way but that is the implication.

Damn I love Teddy!

We no longer have patriots….we have a bunch of nationalistic bullshit hiding under the flag.

When an American does not agree with some prevailing thought then they are labeled and insulted…..I know I am guilty of this also….but at least I try to be fair and honest and do and say what I think is best for this country.  I refuse to put my faith in a person, especially a politician….because I do not see any of them working for the betterment of the country….just making sure profit is not infringed upon……and their…

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