Satirical news show censored by Apple in Hong Kong and Taiwan – IFEX – Nothing personal, just profits before freedom of speech and thought

Since 2013, Apple has started taking down apps – including banned books and circumvention tools – from its China iTunes store in order to comply with local laws. In June 2016, China tightened its control over mobile applications with the introduction of Provisions on the Administration of Mobile Internet Application Information Service. These regulations outlaw applications that spread rumors and information deemed harmful to national security. In January 2017, The New York Times was taken down from the Apple iTunes Store because of such provisions. However, the newspaper’s app remains available in the Hong Kong and Taiwan versions of the store. In the letter to Cook, Chappell stressed that while he is aware of the restrictions in China, the management of Apple’s Hong Kong and Taiwan app stores should be different: No doubt, China Uncensored likely falls under some of mainland China’s dubious legal categories such as: Undermining national unity Spreading rumors Disrupting social order There is no point in disputing your app store decision with respect to mainland China… but Hong Kong and Taiwan are not ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. They are regions that operate under independent legal systems. China Uncensored launched a petition on April 4, urging its viewers and supporters to tell Apple to “uncensor” the China Uncensored app from its Hong Kong and Taiwan app stores. As at the time of this story’s publication, more than 5,800 people had signed.

Source: Satirical news show censored by Apple in Hong Kong and Taiwan – IFEX