Palestinians Hunger Strike..اناديكم

All those moments of frustration and helpless while I can move around freely and with what seems to be a great comfort. A pretentious luxurious life under occupation….

To boldly realize, with shame. That there are thousands of Palestinians, suffering in what I claim to be suffering trillions of moments that sum up to many lives in imprisonment. By the same occupier, who must be millions of times worse than the soldier who shoots, or kills or simply harass our daily bare existence…

As the prisoners call for an open hunger strike this day … I pray for real liberation and solidarity … Because if anyone deserves freedom, it is those… who sacrificed their freedom for such a cause…once called liberation.

Nadia's Jerusalem

Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons started today their hunger strike in protest to Israeli violations of their rights.

I have to admit that I did not think it through much before. I just think of how unbearable it is to be in prison. How much it is basic to protest and call for your liberation. But then I realized that the protest is not just about liberation, it is in principle about the PRISONERS rights inside the prisons.

I had to stop for a real long moment, and my life as a Palestinian outside prison was passing through me at the moment. Each time I move y a checkpoint, and I complain. Each time I stand in awe in front of a segregation wall and think how fascist these people are. Each time I look at myself and think, God I made it for the day. My children are…

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