90-Year-Old Widow Whose Husband Was Shot In Front Of Her By South Bay Cops Is Suing: SFist

According to Harue Craig’s account, and a family friend who spoke to the Mercury-News shortly after the incident, the Craigs had no idea that these were sheriff’s deputies, and they were scared that intruders were attempting to invade their home. Mrs. Craig says they were in the middle of dinner and clearly were confused by what was happening, and she was in fact cowering behind her husband when the deputies came into the home and fatally shot him.That family friend, Greg Delaney, who spoke with Mrs. Craig as well as witnesses, said that his friend Gene was “freaking out” that someone was trying to break in, and that the deputies’ actions are unconscionable. “They opened the door, saw that he had a gun, and shot him. … They killed him in front of his wife,” he said. “These people were trigger happy.”

Source: 90-Year-Old Widow Whose Husband Was Shot In Front Of Her By South Bay Cops Is Suing: SFist

Climate Change Reroutes a Yukon River in a Geological Instant – The New York Times – Oops! Deny this?

The researchers concluded that the rerouted flow from the glacier shows that “radical reorganizations of drainage can occur in a geologic instant, although they may also be driven by longer-term climate change.” Or, as a writer for the CBC put it in a story about the phenomenon last year, “It’s a reminder that glacier-caused change is not always glacial-paced.”The underlying message of the new research is clear, said Dr. Shugar in a telephone interview. “We may be surprised by what climate change has in store for us — and some of the effects might be much more rapid than we are expecting.”

Palestinians Hunger Strike..اناديكم

All those moments of frustration and helpless while I can move around freely and with what seems to be a great comfort. A pretentious luxurious life under occupation….

To boldly realize, with shame. That there are thousands of Palestinians, suffering in what I claim to be suffering trillions of moments that sum up to many lives in imprisonment. By the same occupier, who must be millions of times worse than the soldier who shoots, or kills or simply harass our daily bare existence…

As the prisoners call for an open hunger strike this day … I pray for real liberation and solidarity … Because if anyone deserves freedom, it is those… who sacrificed their freedom for such a cause…once called liberation.

Nadia's Jerusalem

Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons started today their hunger strike in protest to Israeli violations of their rights.

I have to admit that I did not think it through much before. I just think of how unbearable it is to be in prison. How much it is basic to protest and call for your liberation. But then I realized that the protest is not just about liberation, it is in principle about the PRISONERS rights inside the prisons.

I had to stop for a real long moment, and my life as a Palestinian outside prison was passing through me at the moment. Each time I move y a checkpoint, and I complain. Each time I stand in awe in front of a segregation wall and think how fascist these people are. Each time I look at myself and think, God I made it for the day. My children are…

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Satirical news show censored by Apple in Hong Kong and Taiwan – IFEX – Nothing personal, just profits before freedom of speech and thought

Since 2013, Apple has started taking down apps – including banned books and circumvention tools – from its China iTunes store in order to comply with local laws. In June 2016, China tightened its control over mobile applications with the introduction of Provisions on the Administration of Mobile Internet Application Information Service. These regulations outlaw applications that spread rumors and information deemed harmful to national security. In January 2017, The New York Times was taken down from the Apple iTunes Store because of such provisions. However, the newspaper’s app remains available in the Hong Kong and Taiwan versions of the store. In the letter to Cook, Chappell stressed that while he is aware of the restrictions in China, the management of Apple’s Hong Kong and Taiwan app stores should be different: No doubt, China Uncensored likely falls under some of mainland China’s dubious legal categories such as: Undermining national unity Spreading rumors Disrupting social order There is no point in disputing your app store decision with respect to mainland China… but Hong Kong and Taiwan are not ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. They are regions that operate under independent legal systems. China Uncensored launched a petition on April 4, urging its viewers and supporters to tell Apple to “uncensor” the China Uncensored app from its Hong Kong and Taiwan app stores. As at the time of this story’s publication, more than 5,800 people had signed.

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Nabila, yo te creo – Cosecha Roja

Nabila Rifo sufrió un brutal intento de femicidio. Su pareja la golpeó con un bloque de cemento y le arrancó los ojos. Hoy comienzan los alegatos en el juicio contra el único imputado, Mauricio Ortega. En todo Chile habrá movilizaciones de apoyo a Nabila, en un contexto en el que desde la defensa -y

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Freedom’s Dawn #Easter #Poetry

penned in moon dust

breaking through clouds look through storm clouds

beauty to behold

colors of the rainbow

mercy to unfold

hold not to the dark

open up your heart

before the Lord seek freedom

make a fresh new start


nightingale’s song

 lily raises its pure face

morning glory


Easter is a time to be reminded of Christ’s sacrifice and renewed. But we can hold back and lay roots of rot and resistance. It is not God who holds back His goodness. We are the ones who chose not the beauty of salvation’s grace.

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Egyptian Aak 2017 – Week 15 ( Apr 10-16)


Main Headlines

  • Interior ministry announces identity Sunday’s suicide bombers of both Alexandria and Tanta Cathedrals
  • Parliament approves Emergency Law amendment, permitting indefinite detention
  • Egypt arrests 13 on suspicion of planning terror attacks  
  • Egyptian police loses three females in Sunday’s bombing, for the first time in its history
  • Egyptian- American aid Worker is cleared of child abuse charges in Egypt
  • Egypt votes in favor of UN resolution on Syria chemical weapons attack

 Top Headlines


  • Families of victims of Sunday’s bombing gather under heavy security as three-month state of emergency is approved
  • Pope Francis will visit Egypt as planned despite bombings of Christian churches
  • Egyptian police loses three females in Sunday’s bombing, for the first time in its history
  • Israel bans Passover holiday exodus to Egypt’s Sinai


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Assad’s departure still non-starter for Putin

Maxim Suchkov writes that following the visit of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Moscow this week, “the departure of President Bashar al-Assad was and remains a non-starter for Russia. What neither Lavrov nor Putin would probably say to Tillerson, but do expect him to understand, is that Russia has invested so much into Syria now, politically and militarily, that Moscow’s primary concern is less about Assad than about the principle, power and prestige of maintaining its position. Hence, any plan that might move Moscow from this standing would have to involve some face-saving mechanism that the Kremlin could package as a win-win internationally, and as a ‘decision made in Russia’s best interest’ domestically.”

Source: Assad’s departure still non-starter for Putin