Energy Fuels Completes Drilling Near Grand Canyon – Intercontinental Cry

Havasupai council member Carletta Tilousi previously stated, “The Canyon Mine not only threatens the Havasupai people and land but, potentially all Colorado River users downriver including Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The Havasupai Tribe, guardians of the Grand Canyon, are under attack and request your support and prayers to protect the Grand Canyon from mining for uranium for use in nuclear reactors for the benefit of the US and the profit of the dying nuclear industry.”Red Butte is a sacred site and designated as a traditional cultural property, Canyon Mine is located within the sacred site’s established boundaries.Red Butte, sacred Site under attackThe Havasupai Nation & environmental groups have pending lawsuits against the Forest Service and Energy Fuels regarding threats to the sacred site and violations of the NEPA process. A decision is expected any day.If Energy Fuels is permitted to proceed, up to 25 trucks hauling up to 30 tons of highly radioactive ore per day could be barrelling down small roads and highways through Arizona. The ore would travel through towns such as Valle, Williams, and Flagstaff; through Navajo reservation communities including Cameron, Tuba City, and Kayenta; near the Hopi reservation; and finally arrive at Energy Fuel’s White Mesa Mill only three miles from the Ute Mountain Ute tribal community of White Mesa, Utah.The Navajo Nation has a law that restricts transport of radioactive materials, including uranium ore, “over, under or across Navajo Indian Country”; however, Navajo does not have jurisdiction over the state roads of the haul route. The Navajo Nation has already been devastated by 523 abandoned uranium mines and 22 wells that have been closed by the EPA due to high levels of radioactive pollution

Source: Energy Fuels Completes Drilling Near Grand Canyon – Intercontinental Cry