The shameless face of Israel

EXCUSE ME, the mass killings in the massacres of Gaza, where were you then?
The destruction that Israel caused to Gaza three years ago is still unmendable. The poisoned gas from phosphorous to God know what in chemicals. The chemical wastes Israel throws in Palestinian territories. The hundreds and thousands of injured people left disabled forever. The tens of thousands of families left under no roof for the last three years now. The thousands of murdered people who left behind loved one bereaved. Why were you silent then?
The words fail me …
It is such a shameless state of people …as well

نادية حرحش

The shameless face of Israel… The case of Syria
Netanyahu started the day with a nice, compassionate tweet. The man cannot sleep at night from the injustice and the massacres in Syria. He felt angry on and worried from using chemical weapons on innocent citizens. I was thinking …. how disgusting this man is, and I just cannot imagine how he seriously has guts to say this. But at the end, Netanyahu is the master of hypocrisy, a killer and an arrogant tyrant.
Later ,
I was scrolling through articles, and my eyes spotted a title in Haaretz under “ Israel’s historic duty to act on Syria.” I felt like, well, Israel is caring. Human rights and people make a lot of value.
The subtitle was inspiring I would say: “ the same world that ignored the Holocaust and the slaughter in Rwanda has abandoned the murdered victims in Syria…

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