Fact Check: Trump, Faulting Obama on Syria, Contradicts Himself – The New York Times – #LoserTrump Prince of Lies

Mr. Trump told Mr. Obama to ‘not attack.’In 2013, the Obama administration concluded that the government of Syria’s president, Mr. Assad, had used chemical weapons in an attack that killed hundreds of people on the outskirts of Damascus. At the time, critics noted that Mr. Obama was stepping back from his own “red line” threat to punish Mr. Assad for deploying chemical weapons.Mr. Trump also mentioned the red line threat, but to counsel restraint.In more than a dozen messages on Twitter in 2013 and 2014, Mr. Trump repeated his advice, emphatically stating that “Syria is NOT our problem,” appealing directly to Mr. Obama to “not attack Syria” as “there is no upside and tremendous downside” and telling him to “stay out of Syria.”