Allegedly Racist Fox News Finance Head Accused Of Mocking Breast Cancer Survivor’s ‘One Boob’: Gothamist

Among other accusations, Douglas claims that:Slater allegedly lamented that New York City is home to “so many more black people now than when I was a kid.”She allegedly described Douglas as having “black eyes,” and contrasted them with the blue eyes of the “Aryan race.”Slater allegedly complained about the “problem” of people of Indian descent moving to her town in New Jersey and turning the train she rides into the “Bombay Express.”She allegedly called Brooklyn, Douglas’s home borough, the “murder capital of the world” (Brooklyn, home to 2.5 million people, had 127 murders in 2016, or about 5 per 100,000 people. This is below the national average of 5.7 for cities in 2015, the latest year for which national data is available. Even Brooklyn’s most dangerous neighborhoods have murder rates on par with Chicago, which, despite the national headlines, trails Baltimore, St. Louis, and New Orleans, among others.)She allegedly told Douglas, who is of Panamanian ancestry, that she would not let her dog eat the foods Panamanians eat.Slater allegedly ridiculed Douglas’s accent and, as she allegedly did with the other two plaintiffs, mocked her pronunciation of certain words that she said black people pronounce incorrectly.At least twice, Slater allegedly kicked Douglas in the rear as she was walking down the hall, and she “regularly” rubbed Douglas’s hair to feel the “texture.”Douglas also survived breast cancer and had part of a breast removed during treatment. This too allegedly was a subject of Slater’s abuse. Slater allegedly told Douglas, among other things, “Your boobs look like they are different sizes—oh, that’s right, you only have one boob.” She allegedly called Douglas, “boobs girl,” the “one-boobed girl,” “and cancer girl,” and regularly complained that Douglas’s treatment drove up the office’s healthcare premiums.All of this behavior was sanctioned by Fox bosses at the highest levels, according to the employees’ lawyers, who note in the lawsuit that they and Slater worked on the second floor alongside now-former CEO Roger Ailes. Ailes was pushed out and given $40 million last year after more than two dozen women accused him of sexual harassment.

Source: Allegedly Racist Fox News Finance Head Accused Of Mocking Breast Cancer Survivor’s ‘One Boob’: Gothamist