OPINION: ‘Sexism among women is still sexism. It’s time to stop dragging each other down’ – The Local

Sexism among women is still sexism. It’s prejudice and bullying. Judging another woman for her appearance, or because you’re intimidated by her presence or beauty, and discrediting her with other women and with men. These things seem to belong to another century, when women were burned for being witches. I spend a lot of time on social media – I’m a digital and marketing strategist – and I often have the sense that the media is like a pillory.The most absurd and painful case is that of Tiziana Cantone, a 29-year-old Italian whose boyfriend shared sex tapes filmed while she was drunk. The videos shared her full name and her face was shown clearly. Everyone, and I mean everyone, made fun of that video for two years. Even friends of mine. There were photo montages, Facebook pages, comics, parodies, songs, even people who profitted from selling t-shirts and mugs with her face or name. The ‘meme’ even appeared in the video of a song by Lorenzo Fragola, a young artist who won X Factor Italia two years ago. It had 20 million views, and the references to Tiziana was totally unnecessary. These memes and videos were everywhere – ‘ironic’ in theory but in reality, they were abhorrent.Tiziana moved house, because she could no longer leave the house, she changed her name, she attempted suicide, and her family made her come back home. Then she took legal action, but somehow lost it because of technical errors by the lawyers and an absurd justice system which denied the ‘right to be forgotten’ because the ‘news’ was judged to be ‘of public interest’. Then she was ordered to pay compensation. Days after the ruling, Tiziana took her own life.One disturbing thing I remember is that even then, after two years of insults from other women as well as men, there was a sense of ‘she had it coming’ even after her death. Again, this came from both men and women.

Source: OPINION: ‘Sexism among women is still sexism. It’s time to stop dragging each other down’ – The Local