‘Racial self-interest’ is not racism: populist correctness gone mad?

A duck, is a duck, is a duck. Call it a non-turkey but it is still a duck.

Media Diversified

by Rima Saini 

A UK-based think tank has published a report claiming that the ‘racial self-interest’ of white majorities in the UK and US should be seen as distinct from racism

Areport published this month by British centre-right think tank Policy Exchange, claims that people of all races in the UK believe that in seeking to reduce immigration to maintain population share, the white majority is displaying ‘racial self-interest’, not racism.

Speaking of racism as something which can be defined differently depending on political stance, of structural inequalities as ‘competing ethnic interests’, and through an irresponsible use of data, ‘the UK’s leading think tank’ has chosen the perfect moment for a clickbait report that will undoubtedly be used by some to legitimate the increasingly intolerant views that have flourished since the beginning of the Brexit campaign.

Headed by Eric Kaufmann, Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, and using…

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