Erdogan accuses EU of ′crusade′ against Islam | News | DW.COM | 17.03.2017 Last refuge of a fascist is to accuse others of being fascists!

For her part, German Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced Erdogan’s latest round of accusations. The Turkish president accused Merkel this week of supporting terrorists in the anti-Erdogan Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).”I don’t intend to participate in this race to trade provocations,” she told the German regional newspaper “Saarbrücker  Zeitung.” “The insults need to stop,” she added in comments printed in the paper’s Friday edition, referencing Turkey’s Nazi comparisons aimed at the Netherlands.Merkel stated that Turkish political leaders are permitted to appear in the country under certain conditions: they must disclose who will appear and for what goal, and the foreign politicians must abide by Germany’s laws and constitutional principles.”We do not give anyone a carte blanche for the future,” she added. The chancellor’s comments came the same day the city of Hannover scrapped a Friday rally organized by the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) at which a senior Erdogan government official was set to appear.The last-minute cancellation indicates tempers could get hotter and the Turkish-Germa

Source: Erdogan accuses EU of ′crusade′ against Islam | News | DW.COM | 17.03.2017