Trump is pushing American Jews away from Israel — and that’s a good thing | +972 Magazine

Now that the U.S. is being faced with a racist Trump regime, American Jews are being reminded of their own history of oppression, forcing them to make a choice: which side are we on when it comes to Israel? By Michael Sidman Blind support for Israel has kept American Jews from supporting Palestinian liberation for too long – but the Trump administration, in one of its accidental silver linings, has finally created the perfect incubator to bring American Jews and Palestinians together. For decades American Jews, guided in no small part by mainstream Jewish organizations, have actively and vocally lent their support to far-right…

Source: Trump is pushing American Jews away from Israel — and that’s a good thing | +972 Magazine

Health Groups Denounce G.O.P. Bill as Its Backers Scramble – The New York Times #dropthejoke

In a letter to lawmakers, major hospital groups wrote, “As organizations that take care of every individual who walks through our doors, both due to our mission and our obligations under federal law, we are committed to ensuring health care coverage is available and affordable for all.”The groups, including the American Hospital Association, the Association of American Medical Colleges, the Catholic Health Association of the United States and the Children’s Hospital Association, said they could not support the bill “as currently written.”The hospitals and the American Nurses Association joined the American Medical Association and AARP, which rejected the bill on Tuesday.

White House Officials Say Trump Isn’t Target of Any Investigation – The New York Times #TraitorTrump aiming for the back-peddling world record!

Senators Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, and Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, to Mr. Comey and the acting deputy attorney general, Dana Boente. Mr. Boente is overseeing the Russia inquiry because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any cases involving the Trump campaign and Russia, after acknowledging he met with Russia’s ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak.“We request that the Department of Justice provide us copies of any warrant applications and court orders — redacted as necessary to protect intelligence sources and methods that may be compromised by disclosure, and to protect any ongoing investigations — related to wiretaps of President Trump, the Trump campaign or Trump Tower,” the senators wrote.With no evidence of wiretaps emerging, the White House has been forced into a defensive communications strategy.

China grants Trump preliminary approval for 38 trademarks, including one for escort services: Shanghaiist “TraitorTrump” who’s he working for US or just himself?

After being awarded the rights to a 10-year “Trump” trademark for building construction services in China last month, the commander in chief has now been given the go ahead on 38 more trademark requests, the Associated Press reports. The trademark requests are for businesses like hotels, insurance, security, and, most intriguingly, escort services (more on that later).They consist of a sizable chunk of the Chinese trademark applications that Trump’s lawyers filed during his presidential campaign. As long as no one objects to them, they will be formally rubber-stamped in 90 days.Trump has been embroiled in trademark disputes with Chinese companies for more than a decade, finding it difficult to defend his precious surname in China where loose copyright laws mean that trademarks are essentially “first come, first serve.” However, winning the US presidential election seems to have granted Trump an extra degree of protection in the murky field of Chinese trademark law.

Source: China grants Trump preliminary approval for 38 trademarks, including one for escort services: Shanghaiist