Two Cars Consumed By Sinkhole In Studio City: LAist Thought Sinkholes were just for Florida?

Friday’s torrential downpour created a 20-foot sinkhole on Woodbridge Street near Laurel Canyon Boulevard shortly after 8:00 p.m that same night. The sinkhole consumed two vehicles – and one of the vehicle’s drivers – but no major injuries were reported.”Firefighters arrived on-scene to find one car upside-down in a large dark sinkhole full of rushing water,” a report of the scene posted on the LAFD website notes. “The single occupant was standing on the upside down car, approximately 10′ below street level.””Firefighters jumped into action and rapidly lowered an (20-foot) extension ladder down to the (48-year-old female) [victim] allowing her to climb out, and transported her to a local hospital in fair condition,” adds Erik Scott of the LAFD, according to City News Wire. “She said she thought she was going to die.Then she heard the firefighters yell back to her. …The pavement continued to give way and the second [unoccupied] vehicle fell in the sinkhole.”

Source: Two Cars Consumed By Sinkhole In Studio City: LAist