Trump Says Journalists ‘Have Their Reasons’ to Play Down Terror Threat – The New York Times – Trying to justify a coup of American Democracy

The theory that the news media is trying to whitewash terrorist attacks to protect Islam or Muslim migrants has been pushed by several right-wing news organizations, including the conspiracy-filled site Infowars, whose founder, Alex Jones, is an ally of Mr. Trump’s.The president’s comments on Monday were reminiscent of his claim during a visit last month to the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Va., that the news media had fabricated his feud with the intelligence community. Those remarks came only days after he likened American intelligence officials to Nazis, after several weeks in which he had denigrated their work.

Not Even Snow Can Stop These Afghan Women from Practising Wushu Kung-Fu – The Ladies FingerThe Ladies Finger


Sima Azimi, a 20 year old Hazara woman from Kabul, Afghanistan, is determined to teach her students this form of Shaolin kung-fu despite the odds, be they societal or the meteorological. When she isn’t training them on icy mountain tops, it’s in a grungy club financed by a film actor. She sourced a Shaolin sword from Iran, and Shaolin uniforms from a tailor in Kabul. Azimi emerged the top female contender in a kung-fu competition organised by the National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan in Kabul, and has won medals in kung-fu competitions in Iran.The group is practising for the day when finances permit them to be sent to international tournaments as the Afghanistan women’s wushu team. Azimi also says that learning martial arts helps them defend themselves against street harassment and criminals.Watch them in action here:

Source: Not Even Snow Can Stop These Afghan Women from Practising Wushu Kung-Fu – The Ladies FingerThe Ladies Finger

How Long Can the Resistance Continue to Resist? | Dame Magazine

Align with Time-Tested Organizations

Alongside protest, however, Hunt says folks should align with existing groups rather than trying to recreate the wheel on your own. “It’s really important to work underneath people who have been doing the work, and that you can learn from,” she says. For most folks it makes the most sense to start locally within your own community, where most great acts of resistance begin. In doing this you can build what Hunt calls “alternative political apparatuses” which can empower people even when the government imposes oppressive laws. Connecting with existing organizations links small groups to more powerful activist engines, increasing the power to make change.Action: Find one to three organizations in your community, or online, that works around your three target issues and sign up to volunteer with or learn more about them. Check out The Resistance Manual and these politically-minded apps.Focus, but Keep Intersectionality in MindUndoubtedly you feel strongly about multiple issues, from women’s rights to civil rights, to the right for all to have affordable healthcare. In practical terms, you may only be able to focus on strategies to deal with one or two at a time. “The more that you can narrow down and be clear about what you can and cannot do, and are willing to do and are interested and curious about, that can help you identify where you want to connect,” Luz Guerra, a long time feminist and activist who has trained hundreds of organizers around the country and internationally, tells Dame.However, Davis points out that in her own realm of environmental work, “Long before white environmentalists began to focus on sustainability, environmental justice activists understand that…it is all connected.” So while you may focus your own activist lens in one direction, be open to “the broader realization of intersectionality,” she says. All of our rights are connected and we can effect more change when no one is excluded from the fight.

Source: How Long Can the Resistance Continue to Resist? | Dame Magazine

Humans of New York

“My parents disappeared during the last dictatorship. They were political activists. My father was taken first in 1977. My mother was taken a year later during the World Cup. We were standing in a public square, and two cars stopped, and they grabbed me and my mother. They let me go. But my mother was never heard from again. I learned all of this later because I was only three at the time. My grandparents raised me. When I was a child they would tell me that my parents were working. I used to imagine them building a skyscraper, wearing helmets, and getting closer and closer to the top. It wasn’t until the age of ten that I learned what really happened. But even then, my parents were only ideas to me. They were two-dimensional. But when I turned seventeen, I visited the town where they first met. I found their old friends and they told me stories. I learned that my father loved the Beatles. He also loved to dance. A man gave me a costume that my father would wear when he danced. And suddenly my parents weren’t ideas anymore. They were people. They were Daniel and Viviana. And for the first time, I cried for them.” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Source: Humans of New York

Just Beyond the Dawn #poetry #devotion

penned in moon dust

behind the curtains

Like holding rushing water

or embracing the stars

we must hold lightly

to whom we are

not just this moment

a raging sea

cannot upend

the love for me

The earth holds little

in actual pull

the gravity’s waning

as heart grows full

abundant purpose

window opens for me

a place for sailing

in eternity

There are days that seem so weighty and burdensome. Grasp a hand full of soil and cast it to the four winds. It doesn’t remain in a state of stasis neither do we. Don’t dig your heels into what doesn’t last. Be set free by the hope past the world’s window that is cracked open for you…

Turn Your Eyes Helen Lemmel 1922

  1. O soul, are you weary and troubled?
    No light in the darkness you see?
    There’s light for a look at the Savior,
    And life more abundant and free!
    • Refrain:
      Turn your eyes…

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Egyptian Aak 2017- Week 5 ( Jan 30- Feb 5)


Top Headlines

  • Louvre attacker refuses to speak to investigators
  • Islamic authority rejects Egypt’s move to reform divorce
  • Egypt court acquits 12 lawyers accused of ‘spreading false news’ on Red Sea island deal
  • Cairo airport to allow barred travelers to board US bound flights after Trump ban blocked
  • Egypt allows passage of goods through border crossing with Gaza
  • South Sudan rebels accused Egypt of carrying out bombing raids against their position
  • Egypt’s foreign reserves climb to $26.3 billion at the end of January
  • Cameroon fights back to beat Egypt 2-1 in the African Cup of Nations final

Main Headlines



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