The entire threatening of Chicago….. | 3CHICSPOLITICO

Just in case anyone has doubts about Chicago and why President Bannon and Co. are so focused on it:1. It’s where #44 is from.2. They need a place to make an ‘example’ of ‘ those people’ (and you know who those people are)3. Chicago ran his ass out of town during the election cycle, and prevented him from having one of his Klan rallies. Been pissed ever since. But, we know which way is up…in cast you’ve forgotten, here’s an on point and educational Twitter feedI will post this Twitter feed:Mikki Kendall Verified account‏@KarnythiaTrump is going to use Chicago to test drive a plan to break cities with military force. They’re going to try to normalize racist violence.Mikki Kendall Verified account‏@KarnythiaIt will look like the Red Summer of 1919. Like Black Wall Street in Tulsa. And they will claim they did it to save the city.

Source: The entire threatening of Chicago….. | 3CHICSPOLITICO