Trump′s travel ban makes US look ′like a banana republic′ | News | DW.COM | 29.01.2017

What do you make of the implementation of this order? I think the implementation was just simply emblematic that President Trump is just simply not competent and capable of being President of the United States. This was rushed through. It did not go through individuals within the administration, lawyers and others, who have expertise in the area of immigration law. It was simply pushed through in haste and without consideration and you could see it in the results on the ground. It makes the United States look like a banana republic. The executive order has left travelers from those countries not being able to travel to the US despite holding a valid US visa, and has seen many who’ve arrived in US airports being detained. Organizations like the ACLU went to court on this and scored an initial legal win. But what exactly does that mean, because the legal standoff has apparently still not been resolved? The win the ACLU won in Brooklyn and the other rulings by courts in the country in Virginia, Seattle and other cities are basically just preserving the status quo. They are preventing the government from deporting or removing individuals who traveled to the United States after the order was implemented. I don’t believe that the orders affect anybody directly who has not yet traveled to the United States, but it prevents those people who got to the United States and who have been trapped in the airport from being deported by the United States to their home country until this case has been resolved.

Source: Trump′s travel ban makes US look ′like a banana republic′ | News | DW.COM | 29.01.2017