Study finds reduced antibiotic use could cut C diff | CIDRAP – Nuther fact for Trump to pretend does not exist because it might hurt his investments.

Crook also acknowledged that reducing fluoroquinolone use by 50%—as has been done in England—will be very difficult to do in the United States, since fluoroquinolones are used widely in the US healthcare system.Brad Spellberg, MD, an infectious disease specialist at University of Southern California, agrees.”We massively overuse quinolones in the US, and, unfortunately, national guidelines have helped propagate the overuse by promoting these drugs as first line for diseases where other drugs can also be used,” Spellberg said.Spellberg said fluoroquinolones should be reserved for broad-spectrum gram-negative infections, which tend to be more resistant and harmful to humans, and should be used for less harmful gram-positive infections only when other options can’t be used.”This should become a focus of change in national guidelines, in [Food and Drug Administration] approving and labeling, and in payer, regulator, and professional expected practice,” Spellberg added.

Source: Study finds reduced antibiotic use could cut C diff | CIDRAP