Pope admits to ‘darkness’ in his faith – The Local

“If I say I’m Catholic and every Sunday I go to mass but then I don’t talk to my parents, I don’t help my grandparents, the poor, I don’t visit the sick, then there’s no point,” said Francis.”In that way, we’re nothing but a Christian parrot: words, words, words.”

Source: Pope admits to ‘darkness’ in his faith – The Local

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A breakthrough in science, knowledge and consciousness is beginning to unfold for all human beings. As we pay attention, we begin to experience life through new perceptions of a delicately woven interdependence, cluing us in to larger patterns and expanding our knowledge and awareness of continuous flow and change. As an ABC community these larger patterns are helping us to better grow nutritious and delicious food for the world. Simultaneously this awareness directs us to allow the natural world, our eco systems to do what they do best: protect and regulate the biosphere.The case I’m making here is that there is a profound essence in the world’s smallholder farmers, fisher folk, pastoralists, forest dwellers. They are not just food producers, they are frontline custodians of biodiverse landscapes, with them lies the true regenerative power of our societies.

Source: News | Embassy of the Earth

Egyptian Aak 2017-Week 2 (Jan 9-15)


Top Headlines

  • Militants attack checkpoint in Egypt’s Sinai, killing 8
  • New restrictive measures to enter Sinai
  • Al-Sisi: Egypt’s counterterrorism efforts is staking a heavy toll on state sources
  • Cabinet creates protests-free zone around vital facilites
  • Egypt slams EU, UK for criticizing ruling on activists
  • Egypt’s cost-of-living soars as currency dives
  • Egypt drops case against mob that attacked a Christian woman

 Main Headlines



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Egypt Drops Case Against Mob That Attacked Christian Woman – ABC News

“The government is allowing the oppressors to walk free on the streets,” Thabet told the TV channel. “This is our village that we were born and raised in … How can we be the victims and not be able to return to our village and homes?”

Source: Egypt Drops Case Against Mob That Attacked Christian Woman – ABC News