Jeremy Corbyn: UK can be better off out of the EU | Politics | The Guardian – The very definition of “pimping for votes” and “caving” to British racism.

He will say Labour’s priority in EU negotiations will remain full access to the European single market, but that his party wants “managed migration” and to repatriate powers from Brussels that would allow governments to intervene in struggling industries such as steel. Sources suggested that the economic demands were about tariff-free access to the single market, rather than membership that they argued did not exist.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn: UK can be better off out of the EU | Politics | The Guardian

Men Decide that Apps are not Working to Keep Women Safe. Now it’s Knives – The Ladies FingerThe Ladies Finger

Have you taken a long hard look at today’s papers? Just this morning the recent Nagawara case, where a 23-year-old woman was molested on a main road in Bangalore, was revealed to be an elaborate plot by her brother-in-law, who wanted to portray her as a victim of assault so that no one would marry her. And a man in Shahjahanpur bit off his wife’s nose during an argument. The surreal frequency of these cases, where assault begins in the family or is pre-planned by male family members, just go to underscore the tired fact that conversations about women’s assault need to be much broader, and start with men’s attitudes.

Source: Men Decide that Apps are not Working to Keep Women Safe. Now it’s Knives – The Ladies FingerThe Ladies Finger

WHO | Plague – Madagascar

On 6 December 2016, the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Madagascar alerted WHO of a suspected plague outbreak in Befotaka district, Atsimo Atsinanana region in the south-eastern part of the country. The district is outside the area known to be endemic area in Madagascar. No plague cases have been reported in this area since 1950.As of 27 December 2016, 62 cases (6 confirmed, 5 probable, 51 suspected) including 26 deaths (case fatality rate of 42%) have been reported in two adjacent districts in two neighbouring regions of the country. 28 cases, including 10 deaths have been reported from Befotaka District in Atsimo-Atsinanana Region and 34 cases including 16 deaths have been reported from Iakora district in Ihorombe Region.

Source: WHO | Plague – Madagascar

It’s Against My Religion to Accommodate Nazis. | Rebelle Society


The backlash so far is mostly vindictive, verbally violent, and devoid of insight that tables have turned on the flamethrowers. This lack of self-awareness is stunning, if not surprising. The same constituency who applauded business owners who exercised their freedom of religion by denying service to LGBTQ patrons are now howling at the injustice of being unwelcome beyond certain doors or, in this case, a door.While it’s amusing to observe the confused flailing of bullies receiving a taste of their own medicine, there’s a larger kernel of wisdom to pluck from this story. Even as they are placed firmly in the shoes of their victims, the new GOP are incapable of making the leap to empathy.They see no connection between harm they’ve done and their own outrage at being excluded from places to which they’ve denied others entrance. This is the hubris of white males who believe the myth of their superiority, but it’s also something more troubling.The GOP’s devolution escalated with the election of Barack Obama. At a secret dinner, the night of Obama’s inauguration, 15 Republicans schemed to block the new president and do everything in their power to bring down his presidency. They put party ahead of country, caring little if the downward-spiraling economy bullet-trained to the abyss.

Source: It’s Against My Religion to Accommodate Nazis. | Rebelle Society

An open letter to Netanyahu


An open letter to Netanyahu

The attack that took place yesterday in Jerusalem, when a truck driver rammed into a group of soldiers, was not another reflection of ISIS series of terror attacks. As we might argue about how we define terror, or if this specific ramming could be considered a terror attack. This can fall into the simple perception of justification when we know that the deceased were soldiers.

I don’t want to enter into the argument of justification here. But I don’t mind highlighting my personal input on this. I am not for all actions (killings) that target people. I can also say that I do not support the idea that they were soldiers. For me they were still people at a bus stop not at checkpoint or inside a war zone.

But ….how do we define a war zone? How does this apply into what Israel justifies…

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Egyptian Aak 2017- Week 1 ( Jan 2-8)

Russians and some Egyptians like the idea of reviving religion and royalty for their own purposes.


Top Headlines

  • Al- Sisi pledges to construct large church in the new capital
  • Fearful Egypt’s Copts mark Christmas after church bombing
  • April 6′ youth movement co-founder Ahmed Maher is released from prison  
  • The Egyptian pound strengthened slightly at banks as demand for dollars by importers eases
  • Islamist murders Christian for selling alcohol in Alexandria
  • Egypt establishes highly-trained special navy forces brigade in Red Sea
  • First Israeli tourist group since 2015 visits Egypt


Egyptian Coptic leader Pope Tawadros II leads Christmas celebration at the St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral  on January 6, 2017. (AFP/Khaled Desouki)

Main Headlines



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No Burden – Kindness #poetry

I needed this today; perhaps you do too

penned in moon dust

framed hand with flower

A hand offered in silence

a smile to soothe the days

eyes light hope’s tomorrows

cast warm summer rays

you choose to accept another

 to greet with friendly smile

burdens often we carry

lighter for two over miles

lean forward into fellowship

melt frost on coldest days

sun breaks the mourning

for God’s gift you can never pay

I am daily graced by the kindness of others. The gesture need not be a grand one but just in a simple act, a smile, a word kindly spoken.  The difference can have a profound effect on a person’s day. Try it!

“Do not let kindness and truth leave you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart.:

~Proverbs 3:3

“Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”

~Ephesians 4:32

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