Ebola Vaccine Success | The Scientist Magazine®

World Health Organization confirms further development of the first Ebola vaccine.

Source: Ebola Vaccine Success | The Scientist Magazine®

Translation: Some success proved for vaccine applied in “ring” around people exposed to 2013-2016 version of Ebola in West Africa. Read study carefully. Says nothing about how effective it might prove against a variation or mutation of the 2013-2016 version.

What is most scary/dangerous about 2013/2016 versions of ebola is that it has been found that a high number of people contracted ebola and never showed any symptoms and/ or survived.

What this means is that the virus in its most recent form is more effective, in that it can sicken and kill more people because it does not “burn” itself out of potential victims and carriers by being 98% effective in killing contacts.

In short, with a new version, 200,000 might be exposed and only 50,000 die. And a later, version may be able to sicken or infect 2,000,000 and only kill 100,000.

The “killer” flu of 1918 that may have killed 50 million world-wide may well have sickened 200-500 million.

A vaccine cannot be THE answer. Understanding what human actions help to trigger outbreaks is the only long term answer.

Influenza will mutate less often into new types of killers when humans stop breeding poultry and pigs in the millions and storing them nearby each other in live markets.