Man, 73, Shot Dead by Officer Had a Crucifix, Not a Gun, Police Say – The New York Times

“Explains everything – a non-Hispanic calls police and claims he thinks there is a Mexican with a gun across the street – so of course – when police arrive he is shot and killed – no questions asked…” So this is not new, happens dozens of times a year. It is a shame and should not be the automatic but it is. When will whole community say – NO MORE!

According to the police, a woman who lives across the street from Mr. Serna was removing items from a vehicle outside her home when she noticed a man standing behind her. He turned out to be Mr. Serna. She said he asked if he could get in the car. He was allowed only to look into the vehicle, and the woman went inside her house, the chief said.The woman later said she had believed that Mr. Serna had a firearm because his hand was in his jacket, and she saw an object with a handle, the chief said. She told her husband about the encounter, and he called the police to report a man outside with a gun.“He is brandishing a firearm,” the husband said, according to a recording of the 911 call, which was published by KERO television station. He said the man was an “older Mexican gentleman” and that it looked like the firearm was a revolver. “He could be the neighbor across the street or a visitor; I am not for sure.”When officers arrived, the woman pointed out Mr. Serna as he left his house, Chief Martin said. The police said they shouted to Mr. Serna to take his hands out of his jacket and to stop walking toward them. But he continued and entered the woman’s driveway, officials said.