Aleppo and the split of hypocrisy 

Hard but accurate words.


Aleppo and the split of hypocrisyCleansing Aleppo from the criminals of da’esh, nusra and co. , should have been a reason to celebrate amid the mourning of hearts and lives of the damage and loss in Syria .

I don’t have to say each time that I am not pro Asad and I would ever be on the side of dictatorships. But here , in Syria specifically it is not about dictatorships . At the end we are into a situation that it is dictatorship vs criminals . And dictatorship in this case should win . At the end the Arab nations seem to be far from democracy . We are having a real problem in living with such notions . Democracies need liberated mindsets which we don’t have . We still live in a tribal mindset that searches a head to attach to the body . In Syria the…

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