A Palestinian Writer in Search for Freedom – Fanack Chronicle

“On my blog and in my books I write about my life: what it’s like to be a woman, who is a Muslim, who is living under occupation, while being divorced. These are not so much hardships, except the occupation. But combined, these factors are a hardship as hard as the occupation itself. It’s the patriarchal society I’m living in that makes it a burden to be a divorced Muslim woman.“I want to be liberal. To be free. Freedom is something you choose, from the inside. I don’t wear a headscarf and I have a boyfriend. My life would be perfectly normal somewhere else. But not in Palestine.”Meet Nadia Harhash, a Palestinian writer based in East Jerusalem. Her blog, called “Living in the Shoes of a Woman“, receives widespread attention in her home country, not least because of her coverage of Palestinian politics. Her posts are also published on the websites of Huffington Post English and Arabic.“I was married for 13 years. I’m a normal person. People can get divorced. But in my case, it was like getting divorced from society, from everyone I know and don’t know. I had just hoped that both our lives would become better without each other in it. But suddenly, everyone was involved. A divorce threatens the very structure of our society.“It’s like a mafia culture: it looks good on the surface, but actually my divorce threatened my mother, my sister, my friends. Everyone is having problems in their marriages: people cheat, women get beaten. But instead of supporting me, my female family members and friends started attacking me. I made them reflect on their own lives. I unveiled the truth. My mother was afraid that my sisters would want to divorce their husbands as well, and what would the people say? But I still went ahead with it. In the end, it’s my life.”

Source: A Palestinian Writer in Search for Freedom – Fanack Chronicle