Syria and the last Battle of Aleppo

As I am watching the battle of Aleppo, I pray that Assad behaves as a real patriot to his people, and stop the bloodshed. it is time to value the life of human beings.

It is time to make important ot life through people.

After all this destruction, it will take years if not decades to rebuild … it will need people who can reconcile with all what took place.

It needs to unify Syrians, and all decent people in this world to stand against the power of evil that creates such criminal groups to promote killing. And leaders as Assad, need to learn the lesson that dictatorships are not the answer. Killing and violence is not how you build a nation.

It is time for us, all, Arabs, who know well that tribalism will only lead us to more fractions and wars. What has been happening in the Arab world in the last six to seven years made us look undeserving to even life. We proved that the conspiracies are mastered from inside. The enemies are us.

The whole creation of Daesh and such groups proved how hateful, resentful we are. How our notions of nationalism are nothing but false empty noisy words? Our tribalism destroyed us. Our ignorance in our lack of knowledge that is limited to fatwas and whoever dictates us in the media is a core to our deterioration as people.

I just pray, that Aleppo’s liberation will be a sign of victory to Syrians who believe in Syria not Assad. This liberation is the liberation of Aleppo from destructive unhuman power who just continue to seek bloodshed. Assad as a leader has to prove now that he is the leader for all Syrians. I truly pray he uses wisdom with all the outlawed and opposition who are there in Aleppo, giving them a chance to clean their heads that have been brainwashed, to rehabilitate instead of killing and sentencing brutally.

At the end, we cannot forget that the Assad regime has been \if not still a harsh dictatorship regime where many people suffered …. But yet, this regime insisted to keep the fight over Syria, a fight for all Syrians …and maybe all Arabs…. But we will need time to realize how deteriorated things are.

نادية حرحش

For the last 6 years, we have all been watching the bloodshed in Syria in what still seems to be unreal. But yet, it was and still is very real. Syria revealed the true faces of humanity, that is definitely lacking what makes us humane.

Whether in east or in west, we all aligned ourselves to one side over the other. we declared an enemy and we all bet on a winner that we believed will overthrow the tyrant or the opposition.

I remember when the Arab Spring started, and in the row of springs it became Syria’s turn. It was a time when I was believing as probably most of the Arabs who aspired a true sense of liberty that it was time for the new generations to protest and live well. Syria with Assad the son, definitely seemed better and less of a dictatorship, as the case of…

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