More than a quarter of Europeans say rape is ′okay′ sometimes | Europe | DW.COM | 30.11.2016 – “Sexism and delusional thinking are universal – much more work needed on the dense and those who delude themselves – thinking it could never happen to them.”

What the numbers sayAccording to the study, 27 percent of EU citizens – more than one in four – polled in the survey feel that “sexual intercourse without consent can be justifiable.” This means, women should not complain about sex without their consent if they happen to find themselves in certain situations, including being drunk or being on drugs, voluntarily going home with someone, wearing provocative or sexy clothes or not clearly saying no or not fighting back. The Eurobarometer poll shows women are more likely to be targets of gender-based violence compared to menIn 16 member states, respondents said being drunk or using drugs justified sexual intercourse without consent. The numbers were the highest in Romania (30 percent), Hungary (24 percent) and Bulgaria (21 percent). In Romania, over a quarter of respondents said rape was justified if a woman voluntarily decided to go home with someone. Only 3 percent of the poll participants in Spain and Sweden thought this way.For Germany, the figure was 7 percent, while 14 percent thought that sex without consent could be justified if the victim did not clearly say no or didn’t fight back. Altogether, in Spain and Sweden, only 6 percent of the respondents thought sexual intercourse without consent was justified. Some 55 percent of Romanians agreed that at least one situation justified sex without the partner’s approval, a view shared by 27 percent of German, 28 percent of Italian and 31 percent of French respondents.Differing attitudesEurope’s 27 percent figure is not very surprising, considering the differences between attitudes in Western and Eastern European nations. According to Kanchana Lanzet, gender advisor and former head of the UN Women’s national committee in Germany, “It is my observation that in Western Europe – I have also experienced this – children are brought up differently. Things are open here. The media also talks against violence against women and about responsible sex and they also say sexual intercourse should take place between two adults with their consent.”

Source: More than a quarter of Europeans say rape is ′okay′ sometimes | Europe | DW.COM | 30.11.2016