Fidel Castro’s Sister, an Outspoken Critic, Takes No Joy in His Death – The New York Times

“It’s not the first time that they did it, nor is it the first time I have suffered,” she said. “When he fell ill 10 years or so ago, I had my business, and they practically lynched me there, because I said I didn’t rejoice in anyone’s sickness, in anyone’s misfortunes, nor in anyone’s death. That’s not Christian. It’s not humane.”Ms. Castro said she learned of her brother’s death in a phone call from a friend. She was awake at the time and could not sleep afterward because the phone kept ringing. “I didn’t know where to hide the phone,” she said.She called her sister Enma in Mexico, hoping to get more information, but her sister had few additional details. She heard, but has not been able to confirm, that her brother had a heart attack.Although she has not set foot in Cuba in more than five decades, she was clearly up on the latest intrigue and details. She described the photos of a weakened Fidel she saw from his 90th birthday party in August, which her sister attended. Ms. Castro noted with a tinge of concern how someone had to help him get up.Like many Cubans, Ms. Castro initially supported her brother’s vision of social justice for the island nation. And like hundreds of thousands of Cubans who eventually fled, she grew disillusioned when Mr. Castro declared himself a Communist.Her last few years in Cuba were spent helping other people sneak out of the country and clashing with her brother and members of his inner circle. The two exchanged harsh words as she grew increasingly vocal, particularly when people she cared about found themselves arbitrarily detained.They barely exchanged glances at their mother’s funeral in 1963, and she decided to leave soon after when she was detained by a military official, who berated her at a bowling alley for smoking Chesterfields, an American brand of cigarettes.Her brother’s rhetoric, she had concluded, amounted to cheap slogans.

Source: Fidel Castro’s Sister, an Outspoken Critic, Takes No Joy in His Death – The New York Times

Monday Open Thread : The Fight For America | 3CHICSPOLITICO

So, what kind of respect will THAT MAN get? The same kind of respect that they showed President Obama these past 8 years. He will get the same kind of respect that he showed for 3 years while being the Birther-in-Chief. He will be shown  the amount of respect that someone who chooses the likes of Sessions for Attorney General should get from anyone not White or Male. The amount of respect that someone should get for nominating someone for Secretary of Education, a person who believes in Child Labor, and who died because they didn’t want to pay taxes to support Public Education. Let that sink in for a minute.He will be shown the amount of respect that someone who brings around Kris Kobach, who references the Internment of Japanese -Americans as a POSITIVE PRECEDENT for the Muslim Registry should be shown. He will be shown the amount of respect that someone who appoints a person for Secretary of Commerce, a person negligent enough to have 12 men die because of bad working conditions at his mine should be shown.I have not gotten to the nominee for National Security Adviser being shown in RUSSIA as a guest of Putin.The continued links to Anti-Semites.That somehow, I, as a Black person is supposed to pretend that I don’t know the history of America and what WHITE SUPREMACIST MEANS.That somehow, I am supposed to not feel for the 20 million fellow Americans on the cusp of losing their access to healthcare.

Source: Monday Open Thread : The Fight For America | 3CHICSPOLITICO

Rio Grande Valley, Texas, reports first case of local Zika | CIDRAP

Heightened surveillance in Brownsville The CDC said it would be aiding TDSHS about continued, heightened surveillance of the Rio Grande Valley, including conducting an environmental assessment at the patient’s home and trapping and testing mosquitoes across the region. According to the TDSHS, Brownsville has recently sprayed for mosquitoes in the area and will continue to do so.”Even though it is late in the mosquito season, mosquitoes can spread Zika in some areas of the country,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, in a media release. “Texas is doing the right thing by increasing local surveillance and trapping and testing mosquitoes in the Brownsville area.”Beginning this evening, health workers from TDSHS will be going door to door in the patient’s neighborhood to educate people on how to remove standing water and protect themselves against Zika. They will also collect voluntary urine samples to determine if there are other local infections.As of Nov 23, the CDC said 4,444 cases of Zika have reported in the continental United States and Hawaii; 182 of these were the result of local spread by mosquitoes in Florida. Those numbers do not include the Brownsville case.

Source: Rio Grande Valley, Texas, reports first case of local Zika | CIDRAP

Prevalence of colonization by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 in pigs and pig farm workers in an area of Catalonia, Spain | BMC Infectious Diseases | Not good news…

Eighty-one of the 140 pig farm workers analyzed (57.9% (95% IC: 50.0–66.4%)) were MRSA-positive, all of them ST398. The mean number of years worked on farms was 17.5 ± 12.6 (range:1–50), without significant differences between positive and negative MRSA results (p = 0.763). Over 75% of MRSA-ST398 carriers worked on farms with more than 1250 pigs (p < 0.001). At least one worker tested positive for MRSA-ST398 on all 20 selected pig farms. Ninety-two (46.0% (95% IC: 39.0–53.0%)) of the nasal swabs from 200 pigs from these 20 farms were MRSA-positive, with 50.5% of sows and 41.4% of fattening pigs (p = 0.198) giving MRSA-positive results. All the isolates were tetracycline-resistant, and were identified as MRSA-ST398. The spa type identified most frequently was t011 (62%). Similar spa types and phenotypes of antibiotic resistance were identified in pigs and farmers of 19/20 tested farms.ConclusionsThe prevalence of MRSA-ST398 among pig farm workers and pigs on farms in the studied region is very high, and the size of the farm seems to correlate with the frequency of colonization of farmers. The similar spa-types and phenotypes of resistance detected in pigs and workers in most of the farms studied suggest animal-to-human transmission.

Source: Prevalence of colonization by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 in pigs and pig farm workers in an area of Catalonia, Spain | BMC Infectious Diseases | Full Text

Fidel Castro’s record… – IFEX

Efforts by the US government during Castro’s rule to press for change in Cuba repeatedly failed. In the 1960s, those efforts took the form of covert military action to unseat Castro, including the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, and multiple botched assassination attempts. President Dwight Eisenhower established the embargo in 1960, which was later expanded by President John F Kennedy and eventually locked in place by the 1996 Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act. Also known as “Helms-Burton,” the law prohibits the US president from lifting trade restrictions until Cuba has legalized political activity and made a commitment to free and fair elections. It also prohibits lifting the embargo as long as Fidel or Raúl Castro remains in office. The embargo imposed indiscriminate hardship on the Cuban population as a whole, and has done nothing to improve the situation of human rights in Cuba. Rather than isolating Cuba, the policy isolated the US. Castro proved especially adept at using the embargo to garner sympathy abroad, while at the same time exploiting it as a pretext to repress legitimate efforts to reform Cuba from within, dismissing them as US-driven and -funded initiatives. In December 2014, President Barack Obama began a long-overdue shift in US policy, announcing that the US would normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease restrictions on travel and commerce, calling on Congress to consider lifting the embargo. In exchange, the government of Raúl Castro granted conditional release to the 53 political prisoners that it had been holding for between two months and two years. Nevertheless, the Orwellian laws that allowed their imprisonment – and the imprisonment of thousands before them – remain on the books, and the Cuban government continues to repress individuals and groups who criticize the government or call for basic human rights. Arbitrary arrests and short-term detention routinely prevent human rights defenders, independent journalists, and others from gathering or moving freely. Detention is often used pre-emptively to prevent people from participating in peaceful marches or political meetings. The two governments restored diplomatic relations in July 2015. In March, President Obama visited Cuba, where he met with President Raúl Castro, as well as with representatives of Cuban civil society. Obama gave a nationally televised address and joint press conference with Castro in which he urged the Cuban government to lift restrictions on political freedoms and reiterated his call for the US Congress to end the economic embargo of the island. “For decades, Fidel Castro was the chief beneficiary of a misguided US policy that allowed him to play the victim and discouraged other governments from condemning his repressive policies,” Vivanco said. “While the embargo remains in place, the Obama administration’s policy of engagement has changed the equation, depriving the Cuban government of its main pretext for repressing dissent on the island.”

Source: Fidel Castro’s record of repression – IFEX

Trump considers retired General Petraeus for secretary of state – France 24 – His kind of guy? ROTFLMAO

He took over the CIA in mid-2011 after retiring from the military, but resigned in late 2012 after coming under investigation for giving his biographer and mistress, XXXXXXXXXXXXX, access to classified information. He eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information.

Source: Trump considers retired General Petraeus for secretary of state – France 24

Washington Tribes Demand Obama to Stand with Standing Rock

Hear this Mr. President; stand with them.


Washington Tribes continue to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. We support their call to deny the easement of the Dakota Access Pipeline and to reroute the pipeline away from tribal lands, waters and sacred places.

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Egyptian Aak 2016- Week46 ( Nov 14-20)


Top Headlines

  • Egypt court overturns death sentence against ousted ex-President Mohammed Morsi
  • ISIS’ Egypt branch executes 100-year-old cleric
  • Egypt clears way for former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq to return home
  • Egypt lifts assets freeze of anti-torture NGO

   Main Headlines




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