How Donald Trump Is Building a Fourth Reich | Dame Magazine

It’s been two weeks and already we’ve been inundated with debates and think pieces on how and why our nation’s voters elected a lying, unstable, unqualified, egomaniacal racist and misogynistic candidate as the 45th president of the United States of America. Donald Trump’s victory proves that in America, white men—even the most morally degraded—only have to be fractionally as good as everybody to be successful.Mainstream media outlets, which profited off Trump’s campaign and failed to uphold their basic responsibility of reporting the facts, educating the public and correcting lies, will not act like retrospect experts. Not only are they refusing to be held accountable for their incessant coverage that helped Trump’s winning the election, they are using any backlash that ensues in the streets to build their ratings.Many pundits are already professing their shock, asking how we got here. And the media are quickly normalizing a man who built—and indeed won—on a campaign driven by hate while pretending to push a narrative of “unity.” And they’re not just normalizing him, but his whole chaotic transition team and proposed cabinet filled with far-right henchmen who will enact the white-supremacist, anti-Muslim, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, xenophobic messages Trump spouted off on the campaign trail.

Source: How Donald Trump Is Building a Fourth Reich | Dame Magazine

Stanford University study shows Ebola virus may infect people who show no symptoms – Homeland Preparedness News

{This may mean that ebola has indeed evolved – more survivors, mean that it can impact more people since more survive to carry it to those who are more vulnerable.}

The Stanford researchers identified 14 individuals in the village previously unknown to have had the disease one year after the Ebola epidemic spread through various parts of West Africa.This development, the researchers say, confirms previous suspicions that the Ebola virus does not uniformly cause severe disease and that people may be infected without showing any signs of the illness. The findings also suggest that the virus’ spread may have been far wider than originally thought. The researchers calculated that the virus may be minimally symptomatic in up to 25 percent of all people in affected areas.“The study corroborates previous evidence that Ebola is like most other viruses in that it causes a spectrum of manifestations, including minimally symptomatic infection,” Dr. Gene Richardson,a former fellow in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine at Stanford who is now a PhD candidate at the university.“It provides important evidence on that front,” he added. “It also means a significant portion of transmission events may have gone undetected during the outbreak. This shows there was a lot more human-to-human transmission than we thought.”

Source: Stanford University study shows Ebola virus may infect people who show no symptoms – Homeland Preparedness News

Egyptian Aak 2016 – Week 45 ( Nov 7-13)


Top Headlines

  • IMF approves 3-year, $12 billion loan for Egypt
  • Administrative court rejects government appeal over Red Sea islands deal, confirm Egyptian sovereignty
  • Saudi oil shipments to Egypt have been halted indefinitely
  • Egypt’s Sisi invites Trump to Cairo

 Main Headlines




  • Egypt’s Sisi invites Trump to Cairo
  • Interior Ministry prohibits trucks from using Suez, Ismailia highways in certain times
  • Currency floatation drives up budget deficit
  • Majority parliamentary bloc submits…

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