Sharia Courts in UK – A Minefield



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Yesterday, I spoke briefly on BBC World Service Radio about Sharia Council courts in Britain, which coincided with an inquiry started by the Home Affairs Select Committee in Westminster on those councils. I thought it was worth further explaining my views in a post to engage the readers of my blog, and hopefully, the wider public.

The idea behind Muslim Law Councils (Sharia Courts) may sound reasonable and fair, as it offers religiously permissible solutions to resolve domestic issues and social dilemmas that affect the British Muslim community within an Islamic framework of Islamic Sharia. The question begs, however, which community shall this be applied to? And which Sharia? Advocates for such councils portray the matter as if there is one Sharia framework that has simple clear concepts, which can be easily applied in practice. They…

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Sharia Courts in UK – A Minefield | Nervana

In short, some Muslims may want the psychological comfort that their social and domestic issues are governed by the guidance of their faith, but they fail to realize the complexity of translating their intention into a solid, transparent, and fair practice in Britain. There are many, often conflicting, interpretations of Sharia. Implementing a modern version of Sharia is a minefield even in native Muslim countries. Therefore, it is disingenuous to play the anti-Islam card while campaigning for Muslim law councils in Britain. The last thing Muslims want are courts that rubberstamp regression under the auspices of Islam.

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Egyptian Aak 2016- Week 44 ( Oct31-Nov 6)

must read as per usual if you want to keep track of what’s coming


Top Headlines

  • Egypt allows its currency to float freely, meeting key IMF demand
  • OIC secretary general resigns following criticism after he mocked the Egyptian president
  • Egyptian army brigadier general shot dead in North Sinai
  • A car bomb in Cairo unsuccessfully targeted a senior Egyptian judge
  • Egypt’s oil minister makes rare trip to Iran for oil talks after Saudi suspension
  • First German passenger flight arrives in Sharm El-Sheikh after 1 year travel ban lifted


Photo via Mada Masr

Main Headlines



  • First German passenger flight arrives in Sharm El-Sheikh after 1 year travel ban is lifted
  • Egypt to hand over Regeni’s belongings

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