Queen Bey and the Dixie Chicks

Queen Bey and the Dixie Chicks, I thought that was just power, just raw power,” said entertainer of the year Garth Brooks. “I just love that it was feminine raw power.”Later on he said, “Tonight, I gotta tell you, I missed the Chicks. I miss their music.”Maren Morris, who won the new artist of the year award, said she was glad the Dixie Chicks returned to the CMA stage.”But when I found out the Dixie Chicks were going to perform, I freaked out,” Morris said on the red carpet before the show. “Because it’s been a decade since they have been on the stage. I just grew up listening to them and loving their point of view and how they don’t give a (expletive). And I just love them that about them.”

Source: News from The Associated Press

Officer #RayTensing on Trial for the Murder of #SamDuBose Day 4 | 3CHICSPOLITICO


The footage shows Tensing shooting Sam DuBose during an off-campus traffic stop in July of last year.On Wednesday, jurors saw the video for the first time in Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Megan Shanahan’s courtroom.WLWT investigator Todd Dykes was inside the courtroom, observing the jury and others as the video played in real-time.As the video rolled, Dykes heard and saw members of Sam DuBose’s family cry quietly.Afterward, DuBose’s sister, Terina Allen, said she’s not sure she can watch her brother being shot to death again.

Source: Officer #RayTensing on Trial for the Murder of #SamDuBose Day 4 | 3CHICSPOLITICO