Donald Trump May Have Private Server to Communicate Exclusively With Russia – from one puppet to his puppeteer – How am I doing, boss?

Now computer scientists have unearthed evidence that Trump may have also maintained a private server for exclusive communication with a Russian bank.  Slate’s Franklin Foer conducted a painstaking investigation into the means by which scientists uncovered this data and the extent to which it may be linked to the 2016 election. Currently, sufficient evidence does not exist to bring forth allegations. What evidence does exist, however, is impossible to brush aside.In brief, an anonymous scientist referred to as Tea Leaves discovered that one server registered to the Trump Organization and two registered to Alfa Bank have been in communication. The Trump Organization server was created in 2009 for marketing purposes, but it no longer seems to engage in high levels of traffic. In fact, it has become apparent that these servers exclusively exchanged information with one another — that is to say, there were no communications with other entities.“These organizations are communicating in a way designed to block other people out,” computer scientist L. Jean Camp told Slate. Alfa Bank, helmed by Mikhail Fridman and Pyotyr Aven, does have dealings in the United States. LetterOne, one of the bank’s holding companies, invested $200 million in Uber this year and intends to commit $3 billion to United States health care. And by all accounts, Alfa Bank has not involved itself in shady business; it has even received an award for “Corporate Citizenship.” That said, Fridman and Aven do belong to Putin’s inner circle, albeit the perimeter. And Alfa Bank’s international success has, in the eyes of the Russian government, revealed the country’s business prowess and made it seem a more competitive contender.The relationship between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank also seems connected to—or at least influenced by—the election. As scientists began to monitor activity between the servers, they noticed a trend. “At election-related moments, the traffic peaked,” explained Camp. For instance, during both party conventions, there was considerably more communication.

Source: Donald Trump May Have Private Server to Communicate Exclusively With Russia