Jerusalem American School in Beit Hanina: American or Zionist Agenda?

Bringing peace does not come by deforming the minds of the generation of Palestinian children. We need Palestinians who are well educated in a manner that entitles them to think for themselves freely . Not to think in a directive approach towards the opposite of who you are .


“The problem of modern international terrorism came to the world attention in a shocking way during the 1972 summer Olympic Games in Munich…Members of a Palestinian terrorist group killed two Israeli athletes and took nine others hostage, later killing them. Palestinian terrorists also used airplane hijackings and suicide bombers. Since then, few regions of the world have been spared from terrorist attacks”.

This is a paragraph from the history book that is taught to Palestinian students in Jerusalem in the Jerusalem American School in Beit Hanina.

Yes! You read right, this text is not part of an Israeli fundamentalist Zionist curriculum taught to Jewish Israeli students. It is part of a curriculum taught to Palestinians who pay REAL high fees to a school in the heart of (East) Jerusalem in high school level.

If you think of the tens of the students each year who have graduated from that school…

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