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Perhaps Trump and others with similarly insane views on childcare, sexual harassment at the workplace, wage-gap and abortions, didn’t notice that the single American woman is a powerful new demographic. One that political commentator Rebecca Traister has argued in her new book All The Single Ladies is the most important category of citizen this year. The fact that Trump has doubled down with racist remarks on Machado might be a distant memory for even addicts like me. Because since then there has been a flood of sexual assault allegations against Trump. He may even have to stand trial for the assault of a 13-year-old who says Trump raped her at the house of infamous paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. But his prospects have most likely been killed by his own admissions on the now infamous Access Hollywood tape (“You can do anything. Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything,” and so on. ). But it’s not just Access Hollywood. The man, like many other powerful abusers, has been talking about it in plain sight for decades. In his case it has rarely been a he said/she said, it has continuously been a he said, he said, he said, including things he said to or about 10-year-old girls. And if he hadn’t done anything else to creep women out, it was the insane optics (as Olivia Pope would say) of his stalking Clinton around stage during the second debate after his performance unravelled.The American elections aren’t over and certainly Trump has supporters including a small group of women supporters who have said that they will vote for him for sure. Not to mention some NRIs who want to contribute their little all towards geopolitical significance.But it’s hard not to take joy out of the last debate where Trump finally mumbled “Nasty Woman” apropos of nothing to Clinton. What a perfect recap for what may be the downfall of Trump and the Republican Party. Who would have guessed that nasty women with nasty, refusing-to-be-grabbed vaginas would bring Trump down? That combined with Trump’s other mot juste from the debate — Bad Hombre — is the perfect response to the racism and misogyny so commonly assumed to be the necessary ‘realism’ of ‘realpolitik’.

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