Marginalized , excluded and secluded : Khalayleh neighborhood as one model

Nadia Issam Harhash

Marginalized….excluded and secluded

These are the three words that jump to my head, the moment I spot a neighborhood such as, Nabi Samuel, Khalayleh; and going to the other extreme of geography; Jahaleen Bedouin clans.

Of course, to most, these names do not mean anything, and actually they never meant anything to me…and sadly speaking there must be tens if not hundreds of such neighborhoods around the country.

The three locations I mentioned are in Jerusalem if Maaleh Adomim and its Gush were part of Jerusalem so would be the Jahaleen. In addition, if Modiin, Givat Zeev, Giv’on are in Jerusalem then Khalayleh and Nabi Samuel are.

As usual between what is and what is there, is a line of shrewd vicious reality that even geographical separation does not necessarily show.

I would rest my case on this occasion on al Khalayleh, since Nabi Samuel, which is very close, might…

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