Taha Bali: 24 Points on Your Obsession with Muslims


Hummus For Thought

Dear Donald Trump,

For the last six months, I have followed in complete and utter awe your proposal to ban Muslims from entry into the United States of America. Your plan is, for lack of a more beautiful word, beautiful. There, however, remain a few questions to be answered when it comes to the implementation of said plan. Minor questions, mind you, but the devil is in the details as they say, worse yet for when the devil has made the proposal in the first place. Thus, I have herewith laid out some of these questions that are keeping me up at night, along with many of your thoughtful followers, I’m sure.

1. To start off, Your Toughness, one has to wonder what breed of Muslims we will be gleefully banning. Is it the Salafists, most likely to sympathize with ISIS? Or should we include all Sunnis? Shia? Perhaps all…

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