A modest opinion – sister-hood magazine. A Fuuse production by Deeyah Khan.

Listen to Professor Snape ‘Lower your gaze’. These ignorant men do not even observe hijab themselves. Wearing tight jeans outlining their nether regions, short shirts, and not a daari (beard) in sight. Hijab is meant for all Muslims: I repeat ALL MUSLIMS.  In the times of Trump, and the aftermath of the Burkini Ban, Muslim men should be dressing in solidarity with Muslimahs instead of addressing topics beyond their expertise. It’s frustrating when media outlets conduct experiments where participants challenge themselves to observe hijab. These participants are praised for being brave, while Muslimahs are being cornered by two opposing parties.Instead of telling women how to dress, why don’t you sit down and take a note on how you can be a gentleman. One is not liberated if she is forced to forfeit her right to meet a personal ideal. Beauty standards should not be defined by what we choose to wear. A piece of cloth should neither cheapen our bodies nor make them more valuable. It is the intention and devotion that makes wearing hijab valuable. Muslimahs must go against the norm to create an identity for themselves and expressing that identity through a variety of outlets.The trolls’ ultimate purpose is to create a divide within the female community. These crucial moments are when females should follow the motto ‘sisters before misters’.  Having a united stance against bigoted ideas is an aspect of pro-choice activism: in other words the F- word: Feminism. Emancipating ourselves from a fatal patriarchal chokehold that seeks to scorn, scold and ostracize anyone with a vagina.  Dawah is not just oral communication; the best dawah comes from actions, and practicing what’s been preached. No one can do it better then the Muslimahs on Youtube.

Source: A modest opinion – sister-hood magazine. A Fuuse production by Deeyah Khan.