A decay in the Palestinian fabric….

Occupation wears on everyone – the occupied, the occupier, the watchers, the reporters, the land. Goodness and grace are never entirely worn out but harder to see and feel as the grayness of denial blurs everything. Being able to feel anger and remorse are good signs that you are still alive, capable of being hurt and willing to risk for love, grace, and mercy.

نادية حرحش

I am still taken with all the reactions of yesterday, in regards with abu Mazen participation in Peres’s funeral.

I am not sure if I need to put any word of ration to explain all the rage we Palestinians experienced yesterday. There are many things that remain symbolic in life, and among them in the best scenarios of a peaceful solution, forgetfulness is not related to forgiveness.

We can assume that Peres died as a man of peace, which is of course by all means not true, each time I mention the word Peres, what I see infront of my eyes is Qana massacre in 1996, two years after his receiving the noble price for peace. We can assume life and peace are prospering, among a death of a man like him; I cannot, as a Palestinian is part of. This should be a rule. I don’t think Peres would…

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