The murder of the Jordanian writer(N.Hatter) , a slap of terrorism ?

Radicalism is not just a sudden attitude and reaction of oppression by governments or who ever. It is a result of a lifestyle that teaches children how to be careful from the other. How they are right and the others are always wrong. That there is a conspiracy against them. That once upon millennia we were the best of nations. We foster tribal thinking from the moment we tell our children that being a Muslim means that you are not like the Christian and vice versa. When we separate between people and put them in ranks and statuses. When we preach what we do not practice.

I cannot see a difference in the two murders. Except that the murder of the writer created a sense of fear, whereas, women die in the same way daily, and it seems to be just a norm….

His society needs to be deconstructed.

There is something that we lose each passing moment within our own humanity. As if we are experiencing a failure of mankind….

نادية حرحش

Is it terrorism, fundamentalism, racism, tribalism, or is it simply a way of living. A natural consequence of education, upbringing?

The rage that took form in people’s reactions after the assassination of the Jordanian writer Nahed Hatter, as a revenge from some “bearded” assigned through god man for a caricature that the deceased had previously posted a few months back. The assassination took place on the entrance of the Supreme Court where the deceased was heading to, in order to hear a final rule against him in that case.

As if those fundamentalists are specialized with libels related with cartoons. You draw a caricature, you get offensive, and you deserve to be killed.

Of course it felt sad. What happened brought memories of similar such crimes. Farraj Fuda was shot to his death as he was going out of a seminar a decade or two ago. Salman Rushdie is still…

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