Syria… the ongoing bleed of the Nakba

People who have been marginalized for centuries under the rule of foreign and domestic empires must overcome the fear of their neighbors before they see the light of their spirit is the same as everyone’s.


I was scrolling into Facebook news today, and a post saying stopped me, “ Aleppo is liberated”. I asked who liberated what? And I got the answer of: It is the free army liberating it from the army of Assad.”

In the morning I was talking to a Syrian friend who woke up on a post of his nephew in Aleppo saying that they are moving out. “ But I was thinking they already moved to this house because it was safe last year”. He told me with worries filling the tone of his voice.

I spent a whole week with Syrian friends in Cairo upon my last visit, which probably made me confront my emotions towards what is happening in Syria. I have tried to block my emotions from feeling the huge amount of this human catastrophe, thinking there is nothing to be done. Each scene reminds me of…

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